Magabook - In The Beginning (Arabic)

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In the Beginning is a book about origins.  As we peer back through time to the very inception of planet Earth and the human race, we'll uncover answers to some of life's most probing questions.

How did we get here?
Why does a good God allow an evil world?
How can we honor God when everything seems to be going wrong?

This book tells the story of evil's origin, divine love, and ancient men who walked with God, important answers that have been entwined in the stories of the patriarchs and prophets of old.  You will feel Adam take his first breaths in the resplendent Garden of Eden, and you will cry along with him as he sees the curse of sin cover the planet.  You'll yearn with Noah for the rebellious multitude who refuses to enter his ark of safety, and together with him you'll experience the planet's first flood.  In these pages you will traverse a desolate wilderness with the prophet Abraham, discover his secret for pleasing God, and much more.

In the Beginning--the oldest story ever told.